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Excel Password how to recover from a spreadsheet.

When gathering requirements on a Spreadsheet protected by an Excel Password you can use the following simple hack to get the Excel Password. This enables you to research the spreadsheet at depth even if the original author is no longer available.

  1. Copy the Excel Spreadsheet (Right click on the spreadsheet, select copy then right click on empty part of screen and click paste).
  2. Change the suffix of the Excel Spreadsheet Copy from .xls to .txt by editing the name.
  3. Okay the warning message that appears when you do this.
  4. Double click on the .txt version of the spreadsheet which should now open in Notepad.
  5. Ctrl F and search for “Password”.
  6. When you find the word “Password” then you have found your  Excel Password.

Please do not use this Excel Password Hack for illegal Purposes.


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