Are you UX designers documenting the UX rules for your product?

June 26, 2014 by
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If you think it is great to have wonderful graphics or industrial designers that claim to know UX and will help you build your wonderful whatever, think about how they will maintain consistency.

Time and time again, I run into situations where there is no documented rules followed by the UX folks. They do as they please with different designers adding in their own flavor. Products comes out in different blends of colors because one designer preferred a color over another.

It is like reading a book with chapters written by different authors.

Without a foundation of the rules being captured and documented it can be hard weeks, if not months later to work out what something should look like from a UX perspective. Time is wasted revisiting design decisions that were made in the past.

Make sure that whatever shop you use for your UX design actually knows how to do the job professionally.

Ask up front for the UX guidelines to be documented as they are defined. Don’t ever assume that just because everybody who works on your product comes from the same¬†design shop¬†that they will somehow know what is expected.



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