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June 23, 2014 by
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As I have talked in the past about the importance of web sites working, it was sad to see that failed a simple test.

Today I went out and typed in various parameters for the build of a new Jeep. Just in case is reading this article I will be specific in what I chose:

  • 2014 Wrangle Unlimited Rubicon
  • Bright White clear coat
  • Max Tow Package
  • Automatic with 4.10 axle ratio
  • Premium Black Sunrider soft top
  • Interior – default

So where does it fail.

Initially there are no exact matches with 25 miles of my Zip code of 30301.

I bump the search area up to 200 miles and now I am getting told of an exact match.

However when I click the link to view the vehicles via a popup page and then click on vehicle details such as powertrain they do not match – it gave me manual transmission after I had selected automatic – it seems from a quick scan that the details just shows the standard vehicle information before the changes I applied. saves itself via one link on this vehicle details popup page – When I go to print off the “Window Sticker” it shows how was able to claim the exact match. All the details of the vehicle I am looking for is listed in that “Window Sticker”

My recommendation to – make “View Vehicle”  details actually represent the details of the vehicle being shown or ditch those details from the page as they cause user confusion. If it was not for the window sticker, the web site would have truly missed the mark.

It is important that features of a web site or application actually present the information a user expects.



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