Why Microsoft Windows 8.1 will create more Apple Customers

May 19, 2014 by
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Microsoft has jumped on the App bandwagon with Windows 8 but at the same time successfully drives users up the wall.

If you are yet to try adding applications to a Windows 8 device but are familiar with the Apple process all I can say is stick with Apple. Microsoft application store “Sucks” with a capital S and the stability of Windows 8 post logoff after trying to add applications is back to the days of Windows ME.
Just do a search on “Please Wait” or “Pending download” and you will see what I mean.

Unlike Apple which asks you to enter your userid/pwd to get your applications, Microsoft has tried hard to get the user to login to both their computer and to the store at the same time creating a terminal always between you and Microsoft. They do this by forcing you to replace your local ID with a Microsoft store ID.

Never have I seen Microsoft miss the mark as badly as they have done this time. This truly is the Crap from Hell when it comes to productivity. There is nothing redeeming to justify this nuclear wasteland of failure.

In my recent attempts to add applications to my windows 8.1 laptop via the Microsoft App Store I have had the joy of seeing the computer spend more time doing nothing with a nice “Please Wait” or a “Pending” download than actually doing work.
The Blue screen of death has basically been replaced by a “Blue Screen Please Wait”. Worse still is that it can actually prevent you from being able to log back into the machine making for an expensive doorstop.

There is nothing desirable enough about Windows 8.1 that justifies the user torture that this software brings to the masses.

Save your soul and stick with Apple or change over to Apple. After all money can’t buy time and Windows 8.1 is a death beetle when it comes to the time it can suck out of you.

Let us all hope that Windows 9 will save the PC market.


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