why the grocery store image purchase approach works for me

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If you write for a living eventually you will need to get pictures to post with your content.

For several years know I have created the images I used but due to change in circumstances I needed to locate a supplier that could provide me with royalty free images. If you have ever looked into this, you will understand how complicated it can be:

1 – Images having different licensing restrictions.

2 – Cost variation between images.

3 – User interface to get images over complex. rose to the top of my choices and here are the reasons why:

1 – Business model is simple to understand. Each photo costs a dollar to use and follows the same license agreement with certain provisions on how the image is used.

2 – User interface is simple and straight forward. I paid my annual fee, searched for the images required and then downloaded those I could use.

3 – Decent selection of images for my needs and I could verify that before I even paid for membership.


What are the cons then of this service?

1 – Minimum membership is either $10 a month or $99 a year at time of writing. For a person only needing a couple of images, that is an expensive option.

2 – I can save image choice to a gallery that I create on the web site but I cannot save an image choice to another gallery for cross reference. This becomes a problem if you are trying to categorize images across two different definitions.

3 – The image search is decent but dependent on user supplied image tags. I don’t see the tags at this time as being computer generated meaning if a Tag is not added, then the image may not be found by your search.

On the whole, the service works for me and I look forward to working with their images over the next 12 months of my membership.



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