Changing project approach does not mean a quicker delivery

April 9, 2014 by
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Sometime clients are concerned about the progress of a project and look at ways to speed things up.

One way I would recommend extreme caution with, is changing project process after a project has started. Now don’t get me wrong in that this rule does not apply in all cases, as sometimes it does make sense to change. However, if the project is only for a few months, valuable weeks can be lost in the adjustment.

How do you know when to change?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the current process so flawed that it will not meet the end of project objectives / goals?
  2. Is the project of long enough duration to allow for the ramp up time to adjust to the new process?
  3. Are my staff familiar with the new project approach?
  4. Has there been other projects that have used this approach in the past within my department?
  5. Are standards and training materials in place that will allow my staff to quickly adjust?

If you answer NO to any of the above questions, understand that this change in process may have a more negative impact than you allowed for.


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