ROI – Beware of Hidden Features

September 14, 2010 by
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An important ROI (Return On Investment) question that must be asked when implementing Process Change at a Company. “Are there any Hidden Features of the solution that may affect my Process Change and thus reduce my ROI?”

Often after initial Project Goals have been identified and a solution proposed some additional feature come along as part of the solution package. If you do not question the value of these additional features by asking “What is the impact?” then you risk your ROI. Additional features should not be implemented without consideration. They may remove Business Functionality that was never meant to be lost.

Here is an extreme example of the point I am making: Imagine that you need a bigger vehicle for your business and this vehicle is currently shared by several drivers. So you find the bigger vehicle at a great price and everything is perfect. However when you go to pick it up the dealer advises you that they have installed the top of the line security on the vehicle. This security allows only one person whose DNA is encoded in it to drive the vehicle. From the salvia left on the coffee cup when you were last there they have encoded it just for you. So now you have lost the ability for other drivers to use that vehicle.

Some of you might claim that is a gap in the requirements and a better job should have been done. The point I am trying to make in an obvious way is that Features not requested can sneak up on you (Not like in the Obvious Example) when a solution is implemented and destroy your business process. So remember to “Beware of Hidden Features”.


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