Cheap Monitor Stand

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Slightly off topic from BA stuff but wanted to mention a solution I came up with on how to handle my extra monitors in my home office.

I looked into buying a monitor stand when I came across an expandable steel shelf sold by Lowes DIY store for $11.99.

It is just the right height that it raises the monitors above the screen of my Laptop.

This provided me with the exact space I needed to setup my 2 additional monitors which is great when I am working on the computer.

Because it is a shelf I was able to use it for my desk light and stapler as well providing me additional room on my small office desk.


Resume Keywords – help you find work

Previously I had talked about the need to be specific about the projects you have worked on in your resumes.

Today I would like to get on the subject of Keywords, their importance and how to find them.

With most agents and HR people using search engines to locate suitable candidates for their open roles it is important that your resume rises to the top. To achieve this, your resume has to include the Keywords these people are searching on.

Examples would be: Ecommerce, Data Warehousing etc..

Ok. So some of you might say you were already aware of this and have been active in making sure you have the common keywords in your resume so what is the problem?

Having been in the Business Analyst / IT consulting world for over twenty years I started to see a trend a few years ago where effectively keywords were changing on a regular basis especially when it came to job titles. To put it in simple terms Apples were becoming Oranges, then Oranges were becoming Bananas and then Bananas were becoming Pineapples. Confused?

Let me explain. Information Technology follows trends and with each trend comes a set of keywords. Years ago being a “Screen Designer” was a hot set of words to have on your resume. The people that designed screens were important to the company as they dealt with the User Interface. I just did a search on and came up with 98 jobs in the whole country that referred to that set of keywords. Now I repeated the search using “UI” and “UX” and the results are in excess of a 1000. Hopefully that example makes it a little clearer. Note: I did the search using 2 characters “UI” for User Interface, so remember that words are not the only thing you need in your resume.

Picture the recently laid off “Screen Designer” who searches for work using the job title he has held for 10 years. His success in finding work will be limited by his use of out of date keywords.

Now that you understand the problem, you need a solution.

Here is what I do every 6 months or so. I take an evening or a weekend and just read through IT jobs listed on one of the job search engines such as or for a particular city that I want to work in but without any other keyword search parameters. Remember the importance here is to find out what they are calling the job / skills now that you are qualified to do. When I see a job that looks of interest to me and matches my skill set I make notes on the words that appear in the job description such as Job Title, Skills, Experience etc. After a while I end up with a long list of Keywords. I may further expand my search by using words from that list to find other jobs in other cities to see if there are any additional words that I need to capture.

With my list of Keywords I am then able to update my resume to match the current trend in employee search and hopefully make my resume rise to the top of the lists that HR and the people at the agencies are creating.

Good luck with your Keyword building : )


Where Senior BA’s end up

I am actually going to take it easy this week and refer you to an article written by someone else.

This article is good reading if you are considering a career as a Business Analyst or are at the more junior end for it lets you know what the 10 year career path is.

After reading it, you may want to reflect and consider where you would like to end up and steer your ship in that direction.

What is the future for Senior Business Analysts

Happy reading

Sixth Type of Business Analyst

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It was pointed out to me today that in addition to the 5 0ther business analyst types I had identified there is a 6th one.

This 6th business analyst type is someone whose focus is in support of a specific piece of software.

6 – Application Support Business Analyst

This role is finely tuned to the support of one or more software applications used by their business or IT partners. Examples of this would be like SAP modules, PeopleSoft, Oracle Financials, Salesforce. They are somewhat of a cross between a user and a product owner because of the in depth knowledge they have around the applications they support.

In you can think of any other types of Business Analysts be sure to let me know.