What I learned about Marketing from the Seminar

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So on May 19th I attended a Marketing Seminar Hosted by SCORE Atlanta with Jay Levy (Retired Marketing Guru) and Bill Cooey (Principal Owner at e3datasolutions). A lot of what was covered you could find in a book however for those that do not enjoy reading or do not have the time to read, it was a good session. My hope was to hear some actual cases of Marketing in action but I felt the examples were few and far between and most questions were answered with a generic High Level response.

Here are the main points I picked up

Marketing is 3 steps

  1. Developing Awareness + Building Interest
  2. Creating Interest to the point it Motivates
  3. Motivating to the point that it creates Positive Action (i.e. sales)

Jay advised that most business will lose 20% of their existing business every year which means that your growth must exceed that 20% amount.

The Marketing Plan is a Living Document.

Research: What needs to be researched?

  1. Customers – Who will buy? Create a customer Profile of potential buyers
  2. Market Mix – What works and what does not – Basically what is selling
  3. Competition – Ask customers about the competition, what they like and do not like
  4. Industry Trends – Think of the Amazon Kindle versus a paper book, Web News versus NewsPaper
  5. Current Position & Message – Need to differentiate from competition (Your Identity)

Jay’s advice of getting all this information was to find employment with a company already doing it then leverage that experience to your own advantage.

Marketing Objectives – Attainable, Measurable, Affordable & Scheduled – look at 3 – 4 in a 12 month period.

Advertising – What is your message

  1. An Advertising Message is built around the BENEFITS of your Service / Product – NOT FEATURES
  2. Integrated across all Media (TV, Web etc..) Present the same Message
  3. Repetition is Key – Keep message long enough to stick with customer (example is that direct mail per Jay would require at least 5 waves in a reasonably close time period to be effective.)

An example of a successful message is Volvo – Most people associate that manufacturer with safety

AD Testing – Jay recommended the use of focus groups or one on one to test your ad before placing it.

Public Relations – Here the suggestions were:

  1. Buying News Wires
  2. Speakers Bureaus – many industries have one specific to their industry
  3. Advertorials – Write articles for journals that sell your company
  4. Media Tours – like book tours
  5. Trade Shows

As I was already familiar with IT methods, I did not take many notes on Bill’s talk. Here are the highlights:

Use Linkedin to check out your peers and competitors

Put White Papers in PDF format on your web site

Add Tags on Blog to relate pages to search engines.

Use the following searches in addition to Google

  • del.ico.us – people bookmark websites to rank pages
  • technorati.com – searches blogs for useful information

For those that are involved with Technology in Georgia – Consider joining the Tech Association of Georgia.


So that is what I gathered from the Seminar. Over the coming weeks I will review and put into practice – look for my Marketing Message soon.