Not knowing Business Terms can affect your hireability.

Since I have been working for so long at different clients I have gotten a good understanding of terms used in the business world. However others of you may not have the same experience. This lack of understanding can affect you doing your job and even getting hired in the first place since you may have to do a scenario interview.

To help you with this, I have added a link to a online dictionary of terms used in the work place to my blog and also provided it below.

Office Business Terms

Happy reading!

Understanding Benefits of Agile

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“Agile Portfolio Management” by Jochen Krebs – published by Microsoft 2009

So many books concentrate on the intricate details behind running an Agile IT project I however wanted to look at the Strategic benefits Agile brings to the Organization to see how well it would support Six Sigma. Even though the book does not describe using Agile in a Six Sigma environment, anyone that has been in the industry for a while will be able to get a good overview of Agile and using their own knowledge be able to see from this book how the Agile approach to the IT portfolio can interconnect with current best IT portfolio management practices.
For anyone in Management wanting to get a quick understanding of Agile in action, I recommend this book.

Software Requirements Book

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“The Software Requirements Memory Jogger”¬† written by Ellen Gottesdiener.

It is a handy pocket sized (measures 5.5″ x 4.5″ x 1″ inches)¬†book on gathering and writing Business Requirements associated with Software Development. Topics covered are shown below

  • Eliciting The Requirements
  • Analyzing The Requirements
  • Specifying The Requirements
  • Validating The Requirements
  • Managing The Requirements

For the Business Analyst that is new to the game this is a great book and for the experienced Business Analyst it serves as a gentle reminder.